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Lightanica Portable Motion Lights

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Lightanica Portable Motion Lights

Enchanted Bookery suggests our customers try out Lightanica portable motion lights. These lights are a great addition to any home with a new baby. The Lightanica motion lights are battery powered and come in two colors: warm white or cool white.


INSTALLS WITHIN SECONDS – No tools or wiring required. Stick anywhere you like with the super strong double-sided adhesive pads or magnet (already included). Ideal for stairs, closets, walls, bathrooms, wardrobes and more.

Super easy install-use double-sided adhesive pads or magnet (already included) on any wall or table in your home

Energy-efficient motion-sensor lights-triggered by motion, and turns off in 20 seconds without motion, saving energy

–Quickly power up – USB and Battery Operated

–Powered by 3 AAA batteries

–Up to 35 lumens output, 6 pcs super bright SMD 2835 LEDs, bright enough to make sure you never stumble in the dark

Right now, Lightanica is only available online. Please visit lightanica.com to purchase their products.


There are limitless uses for Lightanica lights. Here are a few examples!

–Place night lights anywhere in your home, closets, attic, garage, and more

–Light up just enough area to see and walk, but not an entire room

–Move them around for temporary purposes

–Save energy as they aren’t on all night like traditional night lights

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