Summer Reading Photo Contest

Our first Facebook contest was a huge success!  We believe all of our entrants are winners, because they understand how important books and reading are for kids of all ages. Enjoy their photos, listed in the order of most votes.

"My bookworm cleaning off her bookshelf to make room for her new summer reading books!"

Janette G.

"My Curious Kid Reading Curious George!"

Lori M.

"My daughter Dawn reading Itsy Bitsy Spider!  It's her favorite!"

Kayla S.

"Reading his favorite book."

Katrina K.

"Do as I do..."

Sissy H.

"Once Upon A Time."

Amme D.

Julie H.

"Never too early to start reading!  Baby Omar Adrian @ 5 months.  He loves books."

Susie V.

"Getting a head start with books =)."

Brittany H.

"Best bedtime story with the best cousins"

Meredith E.

"Find a good spot."

Danielle L.

"My son trying to read the Hobbit.  He's autistic and has a limited vocabulary but that's not stopping him from trying :D"

Simon S.

"Forget Dinner - Reading Comes First!"

Olivia B.

"Vivian Rose loves a good book!"

Vikki K.

"He loves to learn"

Amanda O.