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What is included in my gift?

Every gift from Enchanted Bookery includes a unique assortment of books selected reflective of your order. In addition, we include a personalized bookmark with the recipient's name, and custom self-adhesive bookplates. All gifts are wrapped in clear cellophane with a colorful bow.

How many books can I expect to be included in my gift?

The books are selected based on the container, theme and price. Since books vary in price from $2.99 to $24, rather than promising a specific number of books, we promise a specific value of books, and this is dependent on a combination of the container it comes in and the price of the gift.

How are books selected for each gift?

Books can vary from the accompanying photo. Book selections are based on the provided information: age, gender, container, theme and price, as well as the birth order of the baby. Not all themes are available in all containers for all prices. Our gift collections are assembled to offer as great a variety of sizes and textures of books as possible, for example hard cover, paper, board.

How is a gift for a second or third child different from that of a first child?

For first children, we tend to include more classic books and all-time favorites such as Goodnight Moon, The Little Engine That Could, and Dr. Seuss. For a second or third (or more) child, we aim to select books the family is less likely to already have, but we believe will become treasured favorites. And we always include a personalized bookmark for the proud older sibling(s).

Can I request a specific book to be included?

Yes! You are welcome to make specific requests. If we have your desired book in stock, we are happy to include it with your gift as long as it fits within the price and size of the gift. If you request a book we do not carry we will do our best to work with you if you would like to purchase and send it to us. Please note that special orders may add to the time needed before we can ship your order.

Can I see a list of the books that were included with my gift?

A list of the books included in your gift will be on your invoice, which you will receive once the gift has shipped. If you would like to know what books will be included in your gift before your order goes out, you must indicate that in your order so we know to do that before the order gets assembled. Please note that this may add to the time needed before we can ship your order.

How will I know my order has been shipped and received?

Once your order is received, you will get an email confirming your order. After your order has been shipped, we will send you a second email that includes a list of the books included in your gift, and a UPS tracking number so you can see where your gift is in transit or where & when it was delivered.

How long will it take for my gift to arrive?

Because every gift is personalized, we require time to complete your order. Unless otherwise indicated, orders are shipped via UPS Ground with no signature required, within 3-5 business days after they are received. The amount of time in transit is determined by the recipient’s destination. Gifts shipped to the northeast typically require 5-7 business days in transit. Gift shipped to the west coast may take 7-8 business days. Please refer to the UPS map below for details. If you need it there sooner, please contact us at 929-478-2771 or EnchantedBookery@gmail.com to discuss other options available.

How can I know what will it cost to ship my gift?

Shipping is automatically calculated prior to submitting your payment information.

What if I give the wrong shipping address on my order?

Please be sure to check the shipping information you enter carefully as gifts returned to Enchanted Bookery due to incorrect ship-to address are subject to a triple shipping charge which will be the responsibility of the purchaser. This charge includes the original shipping charge, the return shipping charge, and the re-shipping charge. In this case, we will contact the purchaser with a link to cover the extra costs before re-shipping to the correct address.

Can I send a gift outside of the Continental United States or to a Military or APO Box?

Yes. We can send your basket anywhere. Our gift baskets have been shipped to Puerto Rico, Canada, Holland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the list keeps growing! Shipping prices and transit times are determined by the destination of your gift. Contact us for details at 929-478-2771 or EnchantedBookery@gmail.com

What if my order doesn't arrive?

You can use the UPS tracking number to track where your package is. If it states that it has already been delivered and it has not been received, please contact us at 929-478-2771 or EnchantedBookery@gmail.com.

How can I place my order other than online?

If you would prefer to speak to a live person to ask questions or place an order, you may phone us toll free at 929-478-2771. You may also email us at EnchantedBookery@gmail.com.

How can I contact Enchanted Bookery?

We are located in Fayetteville, AR, and can be reached toll free at 929-478-2771 or via e-mail at Enchantedbookery@gmail.com.

What happens if I spell the child’s name incorrectly on the order?

Bookmarks and bookplates are personalized based on the baby’s name. If the name was incorrectly spelled on the order, we will do our best to replace, but there could be a small charge for the purchaser.

Bins, tote and buggies are personalized based on the way the baby’s name was spelled on the order. If this was done incorrectly and needs to be replaced, we will contact the purchaser and there will be a charge to replace it which will need to be captured before sending the new item.

What is your return policy?

Please call our toll-free number (929-478-2771) to speak to a customer service representative to determine if your order can be returned or cancelled. Once an order has been shipped, it can not be returned or cancelled unless there is a defect.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

This varies per state.

Any other Questions

Please contact us any time at 929-478-2771 or EnchantedBookery@gmail.com and we will be happy to help you.